[RC5] dnetc sys tray icon

Tom Cramer drakino at usa.net
Thu Nov 25 21:20:07 EST 1999

What might be nice is to have an option somewhere that says:

Tray Icon Settings:
1. D.Net Icon
2. RC5 Cow
3. DES Monarch
4. CSC Polar Bear
5. Use icon based on current contest

I miss the tray icon changing based on the contest.  I have set up a script 
that rotates what the client is cracking, but I have no way of telling what 
it's currently doing like I did during DES.


At 07:32 AM 11/25/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Check the new v2.8002.447 version. the cow is back. mmmmmoooooo
> > I liked the cow icon in the sys tray. It's been way cooler than the new
> > one!

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