[RC5] Project Mascot Vote Results

John Campbell jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com
Thu Nov 25 14:28:59 EST 1999

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Michael Collis wrote:

> As promised, here are the results of the project mascot impromptu vote.
> I was completely underwhelmed by the response.  :)  Thank you kindly to all
> of you who took the time.
> 2 against
> 20 in favour
> The main conclusion I draw from this, is that there are only around 25
> people subscribed to this list.  :)
	The other possible conclusion is that there are 2500 people
subscribed, and only 1% cares enough about the mascot to vote...

	I like the mascots, but the large majority of my time is spent in
front of machines running the CL Linux clients, so I never see 'em... the
d.net mascot as far as I'm concerned is a loadmeter pegged at 100%... :)

John Campbell
jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com

QotD:  Don't worry over what other people are thinking about you.  They're
too busy worrying over what you are thinking about them.

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