[RC5] Project Order.

Ilmari Karonen iltzu at sci.fi
Fri Nov 26 17:22:18 EST 1999

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Dan Oetting wrote:
> Estimate the value of processing each CSC and RC5 block.
> Measure the CSC and RC5 processing rates of your CPU.
> Calculate the ratio of CSC vs RC5 blocks for your CPU that generates the
> highest value.

The sum of linear functions is linear. A linear function in a bounded
domain gets its maximum value somewhere at the edge of the domain.

Therefore the answer is always either "only CSC" or "only RC5".

The linearity mentioned above is a reasonable assumption as long as you
are not going to check a significant fraction of the keyspace on your own.
And even if you are, the second derivate of the value function should be
positive (the more keys you check and discard, the more valuable the
remaining ones become), which makes the conclusion still valid.

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