[RC5] Project Order.

Michael Collis michael.collis at innocent.com
Fri Nov 26 09:22:31 EST 1999

> Another possible solution is to decide how many of one type of project
> you wish to work on.
>    say do 100 csc packets then work on my rc5 buffer.
>    set the project buffer for csc to 100 and rc5 to anything.

Hmmm...  there's a good idea for people that are hard to please.  :)
Currently I have only a few of my network clients running CSC, the rest
continuing with RC5 (so my RC5 stats don't suffer too much).  I think I
would use a Win32 client that allowed me to set it to run multiple
competitions 'simultaneously', by flushing/fetching multiple competition
buffers, and when the flush threshhold was reached for one competition, move
on to the next.  (Perhaps flush/fetch the completed blocks, then switch

On second thoughts, we have competition order settings for a reason.  The
more CPU cycles we throw at a short-duration competition, the quicker it

I'll go back to my corner now.


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