[RC5] Blockexpiring 'cause of CSC?

Rocko Mario.Hirth at jk.uni-linz.ac.at
Fri Nov 26 14:54:33 EST 1999

Hi there!

I'm running CSC for a while now and remembered those 1000s of RC5 blocks
laying around in my perproxy and clients.
CSC seems to last for a couple of month, so its likely to finish a
RC5-keyspace before continuing RC5 on my machines and
maybe the 90 day delay till the blocks will be reissued will be over
too. And even not: OGR should come after CSC and my RC5 Blocks
will be really old until that.
So whats this? My machines calculate keys which have allready been
So, where is the solution?
Maybe I have one (or two):

1st: Someone of D-Net could post a warning message a week before block
recycling (plans, lists, proxymessages) and I delete my buffers
2nd: Blocks will not be reissued until CSC (and OGR) is over and some
weeks passed
3rd: If the perproxy/client receives a new random-setting, it could
throw away all blocks which belong to the keyspace we just left
        (the new randomsetting tells which)
        of course delete NOT the just fetched blocks, they could be the

I would quite be happy if one of theese could be realized (at least

Here are some other questions I have:
* How do perproxies serve blocks? (FIFO, LIFO, depends on which blocks
are requested (2^28,2^31))?
* Will CSC code become optimized, or doesen't it make sense since CSC
doesn't last for long?
* Does OGR start before CSC ends?

And here a feature request:
* I'd like to see the perproxy's message could be set to: "display
message from feeding keyserver".

Well that's all, hope you didn't get bored!


Ps.: Since I receive digest version only, mail me directly If you wish a
quick response!

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