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> "Filipe Joel Almeida" <fja at> wrote :

> > I wouldn't use it im my machine, of course. The client I have is good > > enough
> > for me... but I go crazy thinking about the people I could bring into > > the
> > team if I could show them a nice, pretty graphical interface that > > 'showed'
> > them that they're helping to working on something 'real important' > >although
> > they don't understand what the Hell means what shows up in the screen.
> >
> i do totally agree on that one
> i use to publish some statistics taken from the statbox and forward it > by mail to people using the client, and get lots of support just by > doing this
> some people used to have the old gui client, and now they miss the cute > moo sound ...
> it think the few kks lost by a graphical output would be easely > compensated by the number of new users we could bring into the project. > Of course this is a user point of view, i don't have to develop, > maintain and port the Gui on many platforms. Why not
> just do a windows client with gui (i guess most of the users who 'need' > useless graphics and sound are windows users :), or a real-time grapher > based on the logs the actual client does, with connection to the > internet for aggregate statistics, and so on
> ...
> dnet should really consider this, and mesure the cost in time and kkeys > compared to the advertising made by a nice-colored-3D-Surround Stereo > client...

Why not make a Util that read the log and create a nice screensaver
picture where the can see how many key's there machine already have

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