[RC5] Macintosh Client and Mac OS 8.5 and up

Martin Hecko martineno at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 31 11:33:28 EST 1999

on 10/29/99 9:43 PM, Dakidd at dakidd at primenet.com wrote:

> primitive in comparison to the current incarnation, the changes I'm making
> should make it MUCH easier to add features that take advantage of the
> MacOS, not to mention making maintenance easier. For now, hang in there
> with the current client.

That is certainly good to know. I suppose that the release will be announced
on this list or in the .plans. Until then I'll just wait.

However, while we are discussing clients I am curious if you are also
involved in the OGR/CSC coding for the mac. I don't even have the faintest
idea when these projects will commence, but when they do it would be nice to
have a client that can participate...

> Don't let the warning scare you off. It was basically a "cover all
> possibilities" thing that's just never been removed and released as a
> "final". If it hasn't given you any problems so far, the chance of it
> misbehaving in the future is very slim.

That is certainly good to know.

(the sunny side of life)

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