[RC5] rc564 and suse 6.2 smp problems.

Thomas K. Gamble tgamble at roadrunner.com
Sun Oct 10 09:20:18 EDT 1999

Is anyone successfully using the rc5 client on a suse 6.2 smp machine?

I recently converted my smp system from rh6.0 to suse 6.2 (to familiarize
myself with the differences).  Now rc5 locks up after completing some random
number of work units.  Cntl C to break out of the client results in a message
"NetUpdate: Unable to open communications channel. (-1..."  I have no other
apparent networking problems.

This only happens on the smp enable kernel I compiled.  (Suse only
seems to install a single cpu kernel by default)  I never had this problem on
RH6.0 with the stock smp install.  I have double checked my kernel configuration
and even rebuilt it, to no avail.  I suppose the problem could be due to some
difference in the way suse builds the smp kernel, or some difference in
intalled libraries, modules, etc.  With my limited experience with linux, I'm
just at a loss as to where to look to troubleshoot this.  I suppose I could
just bag it and go back to RH, but that wouldn't be as satisfying as solving
the problem.

My system is an ASUS P2B-DS motherboard, 256MB ram,  3com 3c509b nic.

I would appreciate any help.


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