[RC5] rc564 and suse 6.2 smp problems.

Matthias Schrader ms at fsfan.net
Mon Oct 11 00:48:03 EDT 1999


> Is anyone successfully using the rc5 client on a suse 6.2 smp machine?

Some. It works fine for me since client 7100 and suse 5.3 upto suse 6.2.

> "NetUpdate: Unable to open communications channel. (-1..."  I have no
> apparent networking problems.
> This only happens on the smp enable kernel I compiled.  (Suse only
> seems to install a single cpu kernel by default)

That´s true.

>  I suppose the problem could be due to some
> difference in the way suse builds the smp kernel, or some difference in
> intalled libraries, modules, etc.

Maybe the latter. I´ve had some mysterious problems too with my 1st smp
kernel. They´ve vanished after I set EXTRAVERSION=smp in
/usr/src/linux/Makefile (only while compiling an smp kernel). With this the
new modules get installed in /var/lib/modules/2.X.YYsmp and the non-smp
modules stay separated in /var/lib/modules/2.X.YY
It seems the smp kernel only loves smp modules and vice versa.

> My system is an ASUS P2B-DS motherboard, 256MB ram,  3com 3c509b nic.

No problem. Same NIC here (and Intel Etherexpress 100). Same Board (and ASUS
T2P4-D , P2L97-DS , GigaByte 6BXDU).

Hoping it helps


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