[RC5] Graphic-Cards usefull for Keyrate?

Rocko Mario.Hirth at jk.uni-linz.ac.at
Mon Oct 11 19:57:51 EDT 1999

Hi All!
Maybe it's a verry, verry stupid question, but:

Would it be possible to write a
RC5/DES/OGR/CSS/whatever-client for some
PC-Cards (eg. 3D-Graphic-, Ethernet-, TV-Cards,... ).
And if:
Would it be fast enough to make sense?

...maybe a stupid question, maybe a verry interesting topic...
                ...thx for response, Rocko!

Ps.: I would like to vote for the old white on blue of the old CLI, why
has this chang'ed (b/w is awfull, sorry) ???!!!

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