[RC5] Network: Failed to create network socket

Pedro J. Cabrera pjcabrera at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 12 11:43:25 EDT 1999

The latest CLI seems to need Winsock 2.x on Win 95 systems.  If you are
still using Win 95, get Winsock 2.x at the following URL:

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> If located behind a firewall, the latest CLI seems incapable
> of penetrating the wall (even if given LAN Admin permission), too.
> I am repeatedly receiving the "Network:  Failed to create network
> socket"  ... "TCP/IP services not available"... on a machine from
> which I can surf without problem.  I've also ensured that I have
> designated the correct http:// proxy servers behind the firewall,
> and I can surf http: without difficulty.

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