[RC5] Explanation of why keyrate drops when moving from GUI to CLI client under Windows

Matthew mwebber at mailandnews.com
Tue Oct 12 13:05:38 EDT 1999

I notice that there have been a number of posts to the list from people
complaining that the new CLI client gives an inferior key rate to the old
GUI client (this is under various flavours of Windows).  I noticed this
behaviour also and managed to solve the problem as follows (this was under
Windows 98.).

I selected Power Management from Control Panel and set "System Standby" to
"Never" (previously, I had the system set to go into standby mode after
1hour).   For me at least, it appears that the power management scheme does
not recognise that the CLI client is active and hence goes to sleep mode,
whereas with the old GUI client this did not happen. So effectively, with
standby mode enabled, the CLI client was stopped overnight, with the obvious
impact on my key rate.

I hope this helps.

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