[RC5] Can't get proper screenshots for new CLI...

Zypher zypher at jknust.com
Sun Oct 17 21:18:05 EDT 1999

Using the usual alt-print_scrn key combo, I can only get the 'top level'

EX www.planetfortress.com/rc5/configgeneral.png might not be up, and they
don't like outside direct links to files, so if you can't see it, don't
WHINE goto www.planetfortress.com/rc5/newsetup.htm should load fine
then...and *.png is the free *.gif replacement, I know ie4 ie5 and netscape
4.x should support it, PhotoS5 won't let me save *.gifs anyway

Moving into a submenu (general, buffer etc etc etc) and capturing a screen
gives me the the "top" menu again!

No other program does this, not f-prot (dos based with similar setup
submenus) or windoes itself either.

This really kills my day, I was trying to finish up a help guide for setting
up the client on my little site, complete with visual aides for the truly
stupid *er* mentally-limited (waaaaaaaaaaay more out there than I first
thought :/ but their blocks help too :)

Any ideas? ...besides useless spending of my meager cash on some commercial
app that reads vidcard's buffers.

zypher at jknust.com

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