[RC5] Graphic-Cards usefull for Keyrate?

gryn at marko.net gryn at marko.net
Fri Oct 15 17:23:08 EDT 1999


Most of these cards use specilized chips, most of which don't do integer
math even remotely similar to what DES RC5 or any of these clients would
want.  The best you could do, is if you wanted to make a project be render
a huge ass animation, (this is still a big stretch), you may be able to
take -some- of the existing 3d cards and build a client around it, it
would still require a cpu, and most of those cards probably want to dump
that stuff to the screen, not let you have a copy...  Then there's the,
send the return picture back down that modem... I don't -think- so..

The chips in your computer (I mean the main CPU now) is designed to do two
things, talk to hardware, and run arbitrary code.  Your CPU (with the
right code) can emulate any of the devices in your computer, but 99% of
the time slower than that device.  That's because the device uses a chip
that's specifically designed for one task.  There are very few parts in
your computer that would even be able to have a full blown client on them,
and still very few that you could even use -with- your main CPU to do some
sort of distributed work.  (because of the high bandwith that would
generally needed return the results, not like current clients: yes/no

But oh well :) It'd be nice

> > Would it be possible to write a
> > RC5/DES/OGR/CSS/whatever-client for some
> > PC-Cards (eg. 3D-Graphic-, Ethernet-, TV-Cards,... ).
> > And if:
> > Would it be fast enough to make sense?

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