[RC5] Keyrate of super computer

Wire_Phrame kingdom at tricom.net
Wed Oct 13 15:29:44 EDT 1999

>What would the keyrate of a Cray2 YMP C90

All those big crays (tried to find ter cray2 to but couln't see any numbers)
and they're all clustered... ussually high stability Alpha 32-64 bit
workstations say 300 of them running at 300hmz... the Origin 2000 -rack has a
maximum of 256. so just get yer kayrate... which ... u don't mention...
and..add a few ones... after it is an alpha processor... multiply that by 250
times and theer u go
http://www.sgi.com/sv1/tech_info.html -technical info... there u will find
some # on the SGI products (crays)... thats all i have...

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