[RC5] RC5 keys aren't the only things being cracked by the million.

sklein at mint.net sklein at mint.net
Tue Oct 19 00:04:50 EDT 1999

Martin Harvey <martin at pergolesi.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> The following URL came to my attention recently, and seems to have been
> (in part) inspired by d.net.
> http://www.viacorp.com/auditing.html
> It basically details an attempt to determine the security of most
> machines on the net, doing things "distributed.net style" : Compile a
> list of basic security flaws to check for, a list of machines to check
> them on, and throw hardware at it.
> d.net people may be interested by the following excerpt, which envisions
> a distributed effort to maintain security across the net:

I remember this article very vividly from when I first read it. There are
quite a few obstacles to such an undertaking: the "good" guys with their
laws, abuse of the information gathered, resources (this project _does_
require a permanent net connection), retaliation by the stupid (remember
the British gent), and stuff I haven't thought of....

None the less, I'd love to see this happen. Utopian, I suppose....

Oh, and IIRC, nothing was cracked by the The Internet Auditing Project.
It was merely a clean and respectable scan.

Seth W. Klein
sklein at mint.net

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