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Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Mon Oct 18 14:38:25 EDT 1999

The following message was sent to rc5 at lists, and I thought I'd supply the
answer to everyone else who is doing 'stats scripting'.

While XML might be a neat feature to impliment on stats, there is a good
alternative in place right now. Many of the pages have script friendly
versions available, such as phistory_raw.php3. All the pages that have
_raw versions available make note of it in the page source code via an
HTML comment. For example:

     This page, like many stats pages, has a version which is far more suitable
     for machine parsing.  Please try the url:


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The existance of scripts that utilize data from the statsbox begs for a
way to output the data in XML.  This would significantly ease the task of
programming such extensions and help maintain their resilience to changes
to the stats pages.  :-)


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