[RC5] suggestion for stats

Uwe Pierau uwe at jever.heim2.tu-clausthal.de
Wed Oct 20 14:53:41 EDT 1999


may be (at least for me) an interesting feature for personal and
also team stats: a listing of blocks per OS'es / Arch'es (if
possible).  For example...

Team Foo:       OS              Blocks          Arch    Blocks
                Solaris         100000          i386    100000
                FreeBSD          40000          Sparc    39999
                Linux            39999          RS6000     199
                and so on...                    ...i think u got
                ----------------------          the idea. ;-)
                Total           379999

Updating this once per week should be enough, tought.

Emacs is a fine operating system, but I still prefer UNIX. 
						(Tom Christiansen)

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