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Bjoern Labitzke hermit at labitzke.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 27 14:58:00 EDT 1999


* Uwe Pierau (uwe at jever.heim2.tu-clausthal.de) [991027 12:32]:
| may be (at least for me) an interesting feature for personal and
| also team stats: a listing of blocks per OS'es / Arch'es (if
| possible).  For example...

Even if this is implemented don't expect correct results. There are a few
operating systems like NetBSD that allow to run binaries of other OSs. The
OS info isn't obtained from the running system but compiled in the binary,
so there you will get wrong results. Of course, if there would be uptodate
binaries for all operating systems that problem would probably cease...

Bye, Bjoern
(at the moment running a FreeBSD client on NetBSD)

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