Ref:[RC5] Problem with buffer limmits.

Claude.Saam at Claude.Saam at
Wed Oct 27 09:35:56 EDT 1999

"William Scott Lockwood III" <scottlockwood at> wrote :
> Haven't we proved yet that with faster and faster CPU's, the block limits just
> plain don't make sense?  We should AT LEAST double them for people with
> PII/III and Athlon CPU's!

I do agree with this : as we aren't directly connected to the net, we compete by email, so we have about 15 PII  crunching the same file, and the 500 blocks we can get at once aren't enough.
If the limit can't be increased, please let us configure the client to take more than 1 buff-in file (buff-in1.rc5, buff-in2.rc5, etc ...)


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