Ref:[RC5] Problem with buffer limmits.

Terrence perfectdark at
Wed Oct 27 20:39:08 EDT 1999

On my dual celeron running win2k, I run empty in about 3 days. Unfortunately,
I have a winmodem and 2k doesn't like it {dodges thrown bricks :} I am often
to lazy or not able to restart and switch to win98 to upload. Once, I got home
from school to see 1500 on buffout!
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>"William Scott Lockwood III" <scottlockwood at> wrote :
>> Haven't we proved yet that with faster and faster CPU's, the block limits
>> plain don't make sense?  We should AT LEAST double them for people with
>> PII/III and Athlon CPU's!
>I do agree with this : as we aren't directly connected to the net, we compete
by email, so we have about 15 PII  crunching the same file, and the 500 blocks
we can get at once aren't enough.
>If the limit can't be increased, please let us configure the client to take
more than 1 buff-in file (buff-in1.rc5, buff-in2.rc5, etc ...)
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