[RC5] Problems problems problems :)

Zypher zypher at jknust.com
Fri Oct 29 00:35:21 EDT 1999

As long as were on the buffer limit thing...

How about the 'machine lockup/hit reset without normal
shutdown-erase-all-work-on-block, delete block from buff-in, and to hell
with all the work done on it' problem.

I like the 2^33 option....but with the above problem, a single accidental
reset, or lockup that requires a reboot (cough windows cough cough cough ;)
can wipe out a whole 2^33 block (32 stat server blocks FYI)...and on my 450
machine, thats up to a hour or so of work gooooone on average. With the
'bad' 2^28 blocks I could cut it to a few minutes lost....but I'd rather
find a solution no matter the block.

NO, I DON'T buffer to ram...got that out of the way quick. Everything else
is pretty much default, except for buffer size (15), preferred key size (duh
2^33), and modem detection. (lurk only thankyou) Version
2.7112.444-CTR-99072212 - Win_ (Merged) CLI

I do have a UPS, but crap happens (in software) says the (toned down) phrase
everyone knows.

Basically anything that kills rc5 without letting it do its own 'shutdown'
routine eats whatever block it had and sends it to the black hole of
computerland, whether it was 1% or 99% done :/

Maybe its sending them to the 'bottom' of the stack, but I doubt it, I only
have 15, and I had a ~90% done block eaten on Monday (note to self: don't
put boxes of cds next to reset button) and looked for it to pop up in the
next 3 days (when I did ~50 2^33 sets) and nothing over ..R....30% ever
showed. Thats a DEEP stack if it goes in there.

Perhaps it could save when a *portion* of the block is done, say, each 10%
or whatever. Then a 'machine kill event' doens't wipe out so much. I realize
some jerk could try to use that 'portion done' thing to fake work, but the
normal checks should still prevent most jerks, right? :) Anyway it has
'partial done' for properly shutdown blocks already.

zypher at jknust.com

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