[RC5] Macintosh Client and Mac OS 8.5 and up

Martin Hecko martineno at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 28 13:01:01 EDT 1999

on 10/28/99 10:26 AM, Joe Kazura at joe.kazura at unh.edu wrote:

> The current BETA client of RC5 gives about the same for a G4 @ 450Mhz
> as it does for a G3 @ 450 Mhz.

Speaking of the beta mac client, is anybody even working on it right now? I
understand that it is not easy to release a good piece of software. I am
therefore not asking for the release date of the final version. However it
would be nice to know if anybody at all is assigned to the project. From the
there hasn't been a new release for quite a while. It would be at lease nice
to have a client that doesn't come up with a warning dialog box every time I
start it....

(the sunny side of life)

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