[RC5] Problems problems problems :)

Jeff Woods jdwoods at bga.com
Fri Oct 29 15:40:16 EDT 1999

At 10:35 PM 10/28/99 , Zypher wrote:
>How about the 'machine lockup/hit reset without normal
>shutdown-erase-all-work-on-block, delete block from buff-in, and to hell
>with all the work done on it' problem.

It's there.  It's been there.  What you decribed is called a checkpoint 
file.  Look in the buffer config menu and enter a filename.

Note:  It will probably slow down your rate slightly (TANSTAAFL, after all. 
:) and as mentioned in the config comment you need to make sure that the 
checkpoint file isn't shared among clients.  Other than that, it works 
great.  I have a machine that's running one of those "cough cough" 
windowing OSes that seems to crash without warning from time to time and 
have a checkpoint file enabled there.  It works as advertised.

Jeff Woods
jdwoods at bga.com

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