[RC5] Macintosh Client and Mac OS 8.5 and up

Dakidd dakidd at primenet.com
Fri Oct 29 22:43:13 EDT 1999

>on 10/28/99 10:26 AM, Joe Kazura at joe.kazura at unh.edu wrote:
>> The current BETA client of RC5 gives about the same for a G4 @ 450Mhz
>> as it does for a G3 @ 450 Mhz.
>Speaking of the beta mac client, is anybody even working on it right now? I

Yes, I'm in the process of working up a new version of the Mac client that
will be "in synch" with the clients for other platforms. I can't go into
details, but
there has been a lot of Mac-specific stuff done to the main code-base
that's (obviously unintentionally, but still doing so) standing in the way
of forward progress in several areas, including Carbon/MacOS X migration.
I'm in the process of "getting back to basics" and Carbonizing. The initial
release of my version should be sometime relatively soon (Don't ask me for
a solid date... I don't have one) and although it will be relatively
primitive in comparison to the current incarnation, the changes I'm making
should make it MUCH easier to add features that take advantage of the
MacOS, not to mention making maintenance easier. For now, hang in there
with the current client.

>understand that it is not easy to release a good piece of software. I am
>therefore not asking for the release date of the final version. However it
>would be nice to know if anybody at all is assigned to the project. From the

At the risk of being redundant, yes, there is. Patience, Grasshoppa! Wax
on, wax off! (Now where'd I leave my chopsticks? I need to catch a fly...

>there hasn't been a new release for quite a while. It would be at lease nice
>to have a client that doesn't come up with a warning dialog box every time I
>start it....

Don't let the warning scare you off. It was basically a "cover all
possibilities" thing that's just never been removed and released as a
"final". If it hasn't given you any problems so far, the chance of it
misbehaving in the future is very slim.

Keep on Crackin'!

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