[RC5] Quick question

Eno Jon enojon at delphi.com
Sat Oct 30 01:04:12 EDT 1999

A need for speed--let's say someone has this super K6-3 or MII 4xx mhz'd

100mhz bus motherboard and is not using the machine for another purpose.

[a stretch]

Is it fair to say that using MS-DOS, DrDOS, PCDOS
or other single user os would add to speed?

>From what I've read, seen and heard the multitasking os-es are splitting

cpu cycles to achieve "multipurpose" look, so ideally, if you have a
single-task on the machine--rc5 or des--shouldn't you achieve the max
of your particular cpu?
(Hopefully dos could boot from a floppy or small hard disk with maybe
drivers for modeming or networking--although there's always wingtip-net
[latest upgrade to Sneaker-net]).

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