[RC5] G4 benchmarks

Jerome Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
Sat Oct 30 03:09:19 EDT 1999

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>Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 16:52:06 -0600
>From: Greg Andrews <duck1 at ecn.ab.ca>
>Subject: [RC5] G4 benchmarks
>Hi all,
>I heard that one of the new Power Mac G4 500s could do a SETI at home unit in
>4 hours.  Does anyone have a benchmark for RC5?  I couldn't find any for
>G4s (or G3s for that matter) on the RC5 benchmark page...

Client version 7105.432a (1.6.1)
PowerMacintosh G4/400
Mac OS 8.6
PowerPC G4 (MPC7400) @ 400 MHz
Core version used: PowerPC 603/604/750
The client is NOT optimised yet for this Processor nor for its 
Velocity Engine (which makes it so fast at Seti at Home) but it is in 
the works.

Keyrate: 1328kkeys/s or 1.32 Mkeys/s

When the client will be optimised, I think we can at least hope for 
an increase of 100% in performance.

Cul8er in the dumpster,

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