[RC5] After RC5-64?

Thomas Willert willert at tli.de
Wed Sep 1 22:57:53 EDT 1999

Hi Folks!

We have approx. completed 12% of the total keyspace. What will happen if
we find the correct key real soon? Is there a "backup project"?

Judging on the speed of which d.net brings the OGR and CSC projects
online, we could be in for a long time without a project, IF we find the
key soon. If this happens the whole thing would probably loose the 
interest of a lot of people.

That would be a real shame...


Thomas Willert

  Talkline Internet      EMAIL: willert at tli.de
  Suederstrasse 73       PHONE: +49 40 23783621
  D - 20097 Hamburg      RIPE:  TW166-RIPE

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