[RC5] What CPU works best? Also PGP help wanted/ideas...

Alex Bischoff abischof at vt.edu
Wed Sep 1 18:11:35 EDT 1999

At 10:03 PM 8-31-1999 , you wrote:
>Anyway, this reminds me: some time ago when I asked whether any efforts
>were being put towards making use of 3dnow! instructions for RC5, it was
>said that the installed base didn't warrant the effort. Is that still the

My understanding is that because the 3dNow accelerates floating point
(unlike mmx, which helps integer math) not much could be done with it :(. 

However (and I really like this idea) because 3dNow is a separate pipeline,
it's been theorized that integer math could be simulated with the 3dNow's
floating point instructions, yielding a slight keyrate increase :).

PS Any word on the Athlon core?

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