[RC5] "hotmail.com password mailing has been disabled."

Jeff Ploetner PLOJ001 at COMPUTRON.NET
Thu Sep 2 23:19:16 EDT 1999

MS has resolved this problem now...I want my password. :)
Please (whoever's in change) let me get it. :)

"I'm sorry, hotmail.com password mailing has been disabled.
Due to recently-discovered holes in hotmail's security, we've temporarily disabled all
password mailing to hotmail accounts. Once hotmail.com has corrected the hole in their
security, we will be changing all passwords associated with hotmail accounts on the stats
server and re-enabling the password mailer.

If you'd like more information on the situation, we recommend the Slashdot Article.

Thanks for your patience. We hope that hotmail is able to quickly rectify the situation. "

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