[RC5] Easy Giving to Distributed.net

Rob shadow at INFO66.COM
Thu Sep 2 19:20:40 EDT 1999

This was mentioned on the list a few weeks ago and I signed up and
click on the page 5 times a day and give a nickel a day to dnet. If 
I was to actually buy something Dnet would get even more. I've seen
10% of the purchase price mentioned on some stuff.
Here is a URL to sign up. Just for signing up and doing nothing else
Dnet gets $2 . 
Also, they dont spam or bug you. In 30 days all Ive recieved is the one 
newsletter which I requested at signup. As you can tell by my sig line
I wouldn't reccomend the site if I didn't like it and feel comfy about
**Browser/email/phone  http://www.junkbusters.com/cgi-bin/privacy

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