[RC5] Error on Proxy Status Page?

Matthew Van Drie van4759 at kettering.edu
Sun Sep 5 17:35:24 EDT 1999

The proxy status page currently has the following on it:

"If keys were pennies, we could buy 4.21 Jeep Cherokees each day.
At the current distributed.net rate of 75.32 gigakeys a second, we are
checking 24253796 work units a day."

This doesn't seem quite right to me. I think it should say blocks instead
of keys. The way I see it:

24253796 work units / day  *  2^28 keys / work unit = 6.51 * 10^15

Divide that by 100 and you get 6.51 * 10^13.

Now even if each Jeep Cherokee is $60,000...you still get 1085096465 Jeeps
per day :-)


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