[RC5] What CPU works best? Also PGP help wanted/ideas...

Michael K. Weise mkw at att.net
Tue Sep 7 02:24:44 EDT 1999

Alex Bischoff wrote:
> At 10:03 PM 8-31-1999 , you wrote:
> >Anyway, this reminds me: some time ago when I asked whether any efforts
> >were being put towards making use of 3dnow! instructions for RC5, it was
> >said that the installed base didn't warrant the effort. Is that still the
> >case?
> My understanding is that because the 3dNow accelerates floating point
> (unlike mmx, which helps integer math) not much could be done with it :(.
> However (and I really like this idea) because 3dNow is a separate pipeline,
> it's been theorized that integer math could be simulated with the 3dNow's
> floating point instructions, yielding a slight keyrate increase :).

Hmm. . . I suppose it's only a matter of time until a d.net project comes
along that needs FP math. Then AMD CPUs will have their chance to shine in
the stats.


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