[RC5] Problem with University computers for client

Alex Bischoff abischof at vt.edu
Thu Sep 9 20:18:33 EDT 1999

I'm running into some problems in getting permission to run the Bovine
client on my university's computers (labs, etc). The chief problem is a
Virginia law prohibiting making profit from state-owned computers. Since
Virginia Tech is a state-sponsored university, this applies.

As you may have guessed, as "they" see it, if we (the Virginia Tech team)
won the prize money, that'd be profit... Does anyone have any ideas as to
what we could do?

One possible solution would be to come to an agreement with
distributed.net, saying that if we won the prize money, that d.net would
refuse to accept the money from RSA. Even though we're ranked #89, the
chances that our team wins are still so low that this might just work ;).

Before you suggest "solutions", I'd like to present two that I don't think
will work. One suggestion could be that we simply donate the money to a
charity if we win. While I think this a fine idea, and I'd like to
implement it if I could, in the eyes of the university, I think they would
still see it as *someone* making profit. 

Another possible suggestion could be that we simply refuse any prize money
from d.net, if we win. This has the same basic problem as the first
suggestion -- namely, that someone would still be profiting form VA state
computers (d.net and the chosen charity, in this case).

Any ideas?

  Alex Bischoff, KB3BZG
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