[RC5] Problem with University computers for client

Philip Espi philip.espi at mfe.org
Fri Sep 10 12:11:40 EDT 1999

Alex Bischoff wrote:
> I'm running into some problems in getting permission to run the Bovine
> client on my university's computers (labs, etc). The chief problem is a
> Virginia law prohibiting making profit from state-owned computers. Since
> Virginia Tech is a state-sponsored university, this applies.
> As you may have guessed, as "they" see it, if we (the Virginia Tech team)
> won the prize money, that'd be profit... Does anyone have any ideas as to
> what we could do?
> One possible solution would be to come to an agreement with
> distributed.net, saying that if we won the prize money, that d.net would
> refuse to accept the money from RSA. Even though we're ranked #89, the
> chances that our team wins are still so low that this might just work ;).

Even this might not work, because in that case, RSA would make a profit
in not spending 10 000 USD ;-)

Another solution would be to ask a lawyer to come up with a legal
definition of the word "profit" which wouldn't include the case where
money is donated to non-profit organization like d-net and your
University (which they are, right ?). In fact, as non-profit
organizations cannot make profit because of their statutes, any money
given to them is not profit, per se, it's just donation.

This was my 0.02 euros, which I cannot give to you, otherwise you would
have done a profit with your e-mail. Therefore I give them to d-net and
this list ;-)


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