[RC5] Problem with University computers for client

Dan Oetting oetting at gldmutt.cr.usgs.gov
Fri Sep 10 12:31:12 EDT 1999

At 22:19 -0400 9/9/1999, Bob Bobber wrote:
>Could you ask d.net to fake it and say the key was turned in by someone
>This would be lying, but it would avoid all those nasty problems.
>> I'm running into some problems in getting permission to run the Bovine
>> client on my university's computers (labs, etc). The chief problem is a
>> Virginia law prohibiting making profit from state-owned computers. Since
>> Virginia Tech is a state-sponsored university, this applies.
>> As you may have guessed, as "they" see it, if we (the Virginia Tech team)
>> won the prize money, that'd be profit... Does anyone have any ideas as to
>> what we could do?

There are other projects that don't involve prizes ( GIMPS, Seti-at-home )
that may be more appropriate for the university. The other possibility is
to offer to buy the computer time at the expected return rate. ($10,000 *
blocks processed by vtech / Total blocks in contest). The university would
use the money to replace the electricity you are using. Nobody would be
making a profit but it might put you under the gambling statutes.

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