[RC5] Ethics

Scott Dodson sdodson at gateway.net
Fri Sep 10 01:20:09 EDT 1999

> Could you ask d.net to fake it and say the key was turned in by someone
> This would be lying, but it would avoid all those nasty problems.
> > I'm running into some problems in getting permission to run the Bovine
> > client on my university's computers (labs, etc). The chief problem is a
> > Virginia law prohibiting making profit from state-owned computers. Since
> > Virginia Tech is a state-sponsored university, this applies.

It's really getting ridiculous.  People are trying to find ways to cheat
igive.com into giving us more money, people are running clients on machines
that are not theirs, and they don't have permission to run the client on.
This is a contest, it's not worth lying or cheating.  It's a research
project of sorts, how many universities would acknowledge someone who
completed a research project, and then admitted to lying about a major part
of the project?

Run the client where you can do so with permission.  Don't try to cheat
iGive, and just basically act ethically, have we forgotten what that means?
If you can't do that then we'll be fine without you.


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