[RC5] RC5 client for Dreamcast :-) ?

Mon Sep 13 17:38:21 EDT 1999

So, now that Sega has sold several hundred thousand Dreamcasts, has anyone
on the d.net development team heard or said anything about a client for it?
I'm only half kidding.  Since the unit includes a 56K modem and a fairly
serious CPU, it would seem like a client could actually be feasible.  It
might have to wait until the Zip drive comes out, but then again, maybe not.
If approached properly, Sega might be willing to donate a development system
and perhaps even a run of the custom GD-ROMs the system uses.  Hey, it's a
tax writeoff...  Does anyone at least know whether the Hitachi SH4 CPU
includes the ROTL in hardware?

Greg Orman
A man's best friends:  a Harley, a Beretta and a Gund.

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