[RC5] RC5 client for Dreamcast :-) ?

Jake Knust zypher at jknust.com
Tue Sep 14 22:11:35 EDT 1999

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Does not the dreamcast also read cd-roms? Like many dvd's do, I'll
bet it does. Cd-rom reading hardware is very cheap nowadays,
especially if the motor and such are already there (for gd-roms ;) I
could be wrong, but it would suck if they didn't. Make a cd-r boot
disk of some kind.

This *would* be interesting, people are already hacking or trying to
hack dreamcasts, poll ports etc etc etc. Give them more incentive to
do so. Creative a Dnet boot image. Make available download off the
net. You don't have to use all 650mb. I'd rather see DCs with
ethernet ports (link those suckers up to a perproxy :) but even
dialing them all up once a couple days would be great.
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> So, now that Sega has sold several hundred thousand Dreamcasts, has
> anyone on the d.net development team heard or said anything about a
> client for it? I'm only half kidding.  Since the unit includes a
> 56K modem and a fairly serious CPU, it would seem like a client
> could actually be feasible.  It might have to wait until the Zip
> drive comes out, but then again, maybe not. If approached properly,
> Sega might be willing to donate a development system and perhaps
> even a run of the custom GD-ROMs the system uses.  Hey, it's a tax
> writeoff...  Does anyone at least know whether the Hitachi SH4 CPU
> includes the ROTL in hardware?  
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