[RC5] RC5 client for Dreamcast :-) ?

Dan Oetting oetting at gldmutt.cr.usgs.gov
Wed Sep 15 02:23:36 EDT 1999

At 16:38 -0700 9/13/1999, Tigger wrote:
>Does anyone at least know whether the Hitachi SH4 CPU includes the ROTL in

You made me currious so I checked with the source:

The SH4 has a ROTL instruction but it only rotates by 1 bit. The SHLD
instruction (Shift Left Dynamic) could be used to construct a rotate in
about 4 instructions. I estimate the Hitachi SH4 would have an RC5 cracking
rate of 1.015 kkeys/Mhz.

Dan Oetting <dan_oetting at comug.com>

PowerPC 603/604/750 -- Still the fastest RC5 core on the net
(but not for long...)

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