[RC5] Win32 CLI client VERY SLOW!

Tim tim at lmrgroup.com
Thu Sep 23 16:05:37 EDT 1999

I had been running a GUI client on win95 and recently discovered 
that its no longer supported. No problem, I don't bother much over 
the bells and whistles. 

I do however bother over the fact that the new CLI client only runs at 
1/3rd the speed of the GUI client! 

When I reseached it I discovered the CLI client does not run when I 
am not logged in. At least thats what the logfile says. So I now get 
1/3 (one third) of my keyrate since I am only at my desk 1/3rd of 
the time the computer is running. No problem I said, when I last 
worked on RC5 stuff there was documentation all over the place, at 
least for the GUI version. I went looking for the CLI version and I 
find almost nothing. The FAQ's have some info on whats not 
available and why. Things like the Moo and the logviewer (which I 
don't use anyhow). I just want this thing to run, and run, and run, 
and run ! I spoke to three other participants who all told me just to 
run the old GUI version. I said OK. Then I saw the key rates on my 
466. GUI ran 1,112,345 keys /sec, the CLI version (when its running 
) runs at 1,325,655 keys/sec. I would not mind getting some more 

Question, Can CLI run all the time ? It sure don't look like it.

Thanks,,, Tim

tim at lmrgroup.com

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