[RC5] Status of the Win32GUI and distributed.net

Gregory S. Hopkins greg01 at ctconnect.com
Thu Sep 23 22:42:22 EDT 1999


Consider this move foolish. Once the current win32 client is no longer
functional/practical you can count out 2500+mhz of PII contribution just
from me.

I like dos/cli OS's, but for the task your asking me to run free of charge
to you, I want the bell's and whistles. PERIOD.

My opinion and $.50 will get you a cup of cheap coffee, so take it how you
want, but I wonder how many others share my sentiments.


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Subject: [RC5] Status of the Win32GUI and distributed.net

> Although the last released version of the Win32GUI will continue to
> operate for the foreseeable future, there will be no newer versions of it
> released, and support questions regarding it will generally recommend
> switching to the CLI.  The Win32GUI will continue to be available on
> our FTP distribution sites, although it will not be in the
> "current-clients" directory.
> We will continue to list and support GUI clients for the other
> operating systems that we currently provide separate GUI clients for
> (MacOS and RiscOS), however they too will similarly become unnecessary
> once our plans (described below) are fully completed.

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