[RC5] Win32 CLI client VERY SLOW!

Phil Purle phil at fielding.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 24 02:20:05 EDT 1999

At 15:05 23/09/99 -0400, Tim <tim at lmrgroup.com> wrote:

>When I reseached it I discovered the CLI client does not run when I 
>am not logged in. At least thats what the logfile says. So I now get 
>1/3 (one third) of my keyrate since I am only at my desk 1/3rd of 
>the time the computer is running.

If youre running an NT workstation, configure the client as
an NT service.

Otherwise, if you have IE4 or 5 on your machine, it adds a 
Scheduler which can launch apps at boot time.  
Run the online active setup thing and it'll download it for you
if you dont have it.

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