[RC5] No Gui? Uh oh...

Graeme Simms gsimms at icon.co.za
Fri Sep 24 12:28:35 EDT 1999


The CLI client doesn't moo unfortunately, but taking a look at the readme
file specified with the CLI client.. :


"RC5-DES Client for for Win32 CLI (Win9x/WinNT) and Win9x/WinNT service.
 document revision $Id: readme.w32,v 1999/06/03 15:07:47 cyp Exp $


All gui client features except for the moo sound, log grapher and
 gui config are already in the client - Sound and log grapher
functionality are on the way."


Hope it won't take too long :-)

A dulcid moo..

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Subject: [RC5] No Gui? Uh oh...

> So I have one major question. Does the CLI version moo? Believe it or not,
> this is *increadibly* important to some people, just a quick check among
> some of my teammates has revealed that I'm going to get hammered big time
> as about half my team quits because they love the mooing so much.

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