[RC5] New version of Mac Standalone Keyrate Grapher available

Dakidd dakidd at primenet.com
Fri Sep 24 13:41:30 EDT 1999

As some of you may recall, about 2 weeks ago, I posted regarding my new
toy, a standalone keyrate grapher for the Macintosh that reads your logfile
and generates a graph of your cracking speed.

Approximately 2 days after doing so, I got the first bug report. The
reporter will remain nameless, but since he never got back to me with any
information beyond "It crashes on my 8600 running MacOS 8.1", and I was
unable to make the program crash on my own rig, I could do nothing to fix

A day or two after that, another user reported a similar problem, again
involving a machine running MacOS 8.1. Unlike the first, this second person
was INCREDIBLY helpful, patient, and cheerfully ran still-buggy versions
and gave me back lots of good information as I tried to isolate and destroy
the nasty little creature that was causing the crashes. Because of this,
I'm proud to announce that as of last night at about 11PM California time,
a new, crash-free (so far...) version of the program is available for
download. Thanks for all the help, Colin!

Coincidentally, this morning brought me a note from a third person
experiencing identical troubles with the client under MacOS 8.1. Boy was I
glad to be able to tell him "It's fixed in the new version, and that will
be available for download sometime later today when I update the web page".

Well, it's now "later today", the page is updated, and the new version is
available at <http://www.primenet.com/~dakidd/CCUSoftware/CCUSoft.html>

Please be sure to actually READ the Readme file that comes with it. The
program won't run "straight out of the box". Well, OK, it will RUN, but it
won't DO ANYTHING until you do some setup for it as described in the
Readme. Enhancements like auto-magically doing this easy-but-bothersome
setup work, along with "zooming into" the graph (handy for people with big
logfiles), making it fully Appearance-savvy, and several other niceties are
planned for a future version, but for right now, WYSIWYG.

As always, if you try it, please let me know about any quirks, crashes, or
weirdness you may find in it, and feel free to give me suggestions as to
features you might want to see in future versions.

You asked if I could design the program in such a way that it can handle
logfiles from Win32/DOS/Linux clients.

The answer is "maybe"

I've got no access to such machines, so I don't have a clue what the
logfiles look like. Having said that, and having read Jeff's recent message
regarding the future (or lack thereof...) of the Win32GUI client, the
possibility exists that it MIGHT already be able to read/use logfiles
generated by non-Mac versions of the client. Give it a try. Use whatever
method you like to get the file onto your Mac, rename it to "Bovine Log",
and stick it in the folder where the grapher lives, then fire up the
grapher. It might work, it might not. Whether it does or doesn't will
depend on how similar the logfiles generated by each version of the client
are. All I can do as far as this goes is wish you luck. As far as I can
tell, the worst case scenario would be having the client crash out from
under you or fall into an infinite loop as it chokes on unrecognizable
information in the "foreign" logfile.

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