[RC5] Status of the Win32GUI and distributed.net

Jack Beglinger jackb at magicnet.net
Fri Sep 24 20:05:31 EDT 1999

CLI does not work in my network.  GUI version does.  I do not know 
why it will not work, but it will not get packets from the person proxy.

My network uses MSProxy1 with no plans to upgrade it.  The 
personal proxy runs on the NT server that is also running the 
MSProxy1.  Also is running a GUI, is multi-home with 3 sub-net and 
a ISDN card to the internet.

If you can't get the new version of CLI to work in this enviorment then 
I will not be doing packet either. 


NOTE: I do not use the moo, the graph, or other fancy functions... 
just calc rc5.

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