[RC5] Limiting the client's CPU usage?

Pablo Alcubilla pablo.alcubilla at tecnet-sports.com
Tue Apr 11 11:28:57 EDT 2000

Doug Yoder wrote:
> Hi-
> I want to run the rc5 client on my school's unix server. I have gotten
> permission from the sysadmin, buy only if I don't take more than 50% of the CPU
> time (otherwise the process gets automatically killed).
> So, I downloaded the client:
> dnetc v2.8007-458-CPR-00020902 for DEC Unix (OSF1 V4.0)
> and installed it in my home directory.  I went to configure it, because I
> thought I had seen an option to limit the amount of CPU time used, however, I
> couldn't find such an option.
> Is there a way to have the client limit itself? If not, can I make something
> else limit it?

You could set it up to run for one minute, and set up a cron entry to
start it every two or three minutes. I have it in a computer that gets
too hot if it works for more time.

Pablo Alcubilla
pablo.alcubilla at tecnet-sports.com

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