[RC5] Re: OGR-99 ?

Bjoern Labitzke hermit at hermit.home.cs.tu-berlin.de
Tue Aug 1 03:31:32 EDT 2000


| Can d.net work on two large projects ?

Why not?

| Do people want to work on two large projects ? It sounds like rc5-64 is
| too tough so we use CPU's for easiest things...

Well, at least I want to. And I don't think rc5-64 is too tough, but I just
think OGR is more worthy of my CPU cycles IMHO.

| I mean, I don't want to be polemic (if I appear to be it's due to my poor
| english ;) ), but I really think d.net must not change its major project
| until it is cracked.

Well, thoughts are free ;-)  But I think it is distributed.net, not rc5.net
or something like that. As I understood the goal of distributed.net they
want to get experience running large distributed projects that seem
to be worth it.

IMHO the security conscience of the masses is starting to wake up. At least
here in Germany I see a few tiny trends in the correct direction. And I 
thought the cracking of RC5 aimed to raise that conscience to think about
secure communication and data protection. The first steps are done and so
I prefer a project like OGR. But just for the benefit of closing the project
I would continue running RC5 while offering other projects as well.


P.S.: It would be really nice if people would start to quote correctly, i.e.
erasing all the lines of the original email they are not referring directly
to! It is really not necessary to quote 100 lines to comment "Me, too."

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