[RC5] buffer-files: import - why not export?

Christian Wirth christian.wirth at eunet.at
Thu Aug 3 22:07:29 EDT 2000


since there is an option to "import" buffer files, I asked myself why there
is no possibility to "export" another buffer file? This would especually be
helpful for people with some offline-clients and a rather expensive

For example, when I want to update buffers for my notebook, I (work done on
the internet-computer):

shut down my client
backup my buffers
configure the client to store less buffers (since the notebook is much
slower than the internet-computer)
copy the "old" buffers from the notebook to the internet-computer
copy the new buffers to the notebook
restore the buffers
run again

And, I have two other computers that need the same amount of work.

Perhaps I could do that easier with a personal proxy, but since I don't own
a real network this isn't worth installing the proxy - I believe ....

With an export option I could: import complete (notebook)-out-buffer on the
internet-computer, export some in-blocks, import them on the
offline-computer. Could be that easy ....

Thanks for your patience with my feature demands,
Christian Wirth

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