[RC5] OGR/25 and large stubs

Peter Moore pxm at boldfish.com
Fri Aug 4 15:22:19 EDT 2000

It looks like we have started running OGR/25 stubs.  So what is the
status of OGR/24?  How much of the search space has been covered?  Are
you now just re-issuing unreturned stubs?

    (In general, is there some place to find out status information like
    this?  Is there some IRC channel I should be hanging out on?)

Also, the OGR/25 stubs seem to be pretty large. I'm getting 6-item
stubs with 90-140 Gnodes.  Perhaps the default number of packets per
download should be decreased?  The 22 or 23 I am getting now will take
a week on my fastest machines and I assume you want more frequent
updates than that?

Speaking of big stubs: one of my clients was issued several OGR/25
4-item stubs ( 25/1-8-31-6 and 25/1-8-31-7).  After three days of no
progress I did a little math based on the incremental progress and it
looks like those stubs will be around 69 Tnodes and 23 Tnodes,
respectively.  Note, that is Tnodes, as in 1000 Gnodes.  70 Tnodes
would take 8 months on my fastest machine so I copied the buffers to
the side and started on a new set.  Was this just a glitch of the
transition to OGR/25?


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